There isn’t much going on around these parts these days. That is to say not much beyond my hectic life as a full-time working mom with two busy boys. So, of course, I’m busy. But I’m also idling with the familiar rumble of routine filling may day.

I’ve settled comfortably into the depths of January, a favourite month of mine because it holds so few obligations. The weekends are long, filled with only the menial tasks of groceries, laundry, and vacuuming. We’re getting out to enjoy the winter weather when we can, and I’m enchanted to watch my boys’ joy over the time-honoured Canadian tradition of backyard skating rinks.

I’m reading voraciously and recently lost myself completely in State of Wonder by Ann Patchett. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it. It’s weird, wonderful and full of life. I’ve just cracked the cover on Learning to Breathe: My year-long quest to bring calm to my life by Priscilla Warner. I’ll write about this one soon.

I’m busy, oh so busy at work. I arrive at my office at 6:30 a.m. each morning and feel as though I don’t come up for air again until I leave at 2:30. And this is just how I like it.

I’ve registered for a year-long professional certificate program that I expect will be invigorating and stimulating, but that will surely put added pressure on a schedule already bursting at the seems.

I’m organizing and planning for a winter weekend scrapbooking retreat that I’ll be hosting for some of my closest friends. I’m so eager to lose myself in the creativity and good company.

I’m enjoying a return to the kitchen and feeling a renewed sense of interest in good, healthy food prepared from scratch and with love for my family’s table.

I’ve committed to a Yin Yoga class one night a week. It’s all I can fit right now, but I’m so glad I’ve made it a priority. When things feel like they are slipping just a bit out of control, I can look forward to the moment when I’ll force my mind to stop and focus on resetting my energy.

At night, I’ve been addicted to Lie to Me on Netflix. It stars Tim Roth. Have you seen it? Gosh, he is hot isn’t he? My husband and I have been ploughing through the 48 episodes. I’ve loved every one.

In short, I’m busy. But that’s nothing new. More importantly, I’m content, settled and moving through each day with a sense a calm in spite of it all.



6 thoughts on “Idling

  1. lena says:

    Happy New Year Christine! You have a way of making even the most normal of months sounds so satisfying. I am working this year on appreciation, it’s my ‘word’ for the year and having a month to just idle — go through the day-to-day with no big distractions or obligations does sound very magical. Thanks for sharing!

  2. You crack me up by adding your shows on your list of why you are busy……

    But I do think there is something to it. When times are so busy and we are so tired in the evening, often my husband and I just relax in different ways. Mostly, him watching sports and me doing anything but that. But when we veg together, it seems like we are together…….maybe we will check out your show. We had started watching glee because our older daughter does and I need to talk to her about it all, but now that seems more like a chore…I’m growing bored of it. Sigh.

    Happy January.

  3. I can almost hear you stretching into your days and I love it. I also love that you think of January as a favorite month. While I do like that the days are growing longer, I spend plenty of time complaining about the cold. (Bad on me.)

    I am about 3/4 of the way through State of Wonder and, oh, it’s good. Can’t wait to discuss it with you! xo

  4. Jane says:

    You make being busy sound so luscious and full and wonderful. Just reading your post tonight has made me a bit eager to start tomorrow. (We’ve had an overly busy January, filled with very un-fun chores, tasks and obligations. I’m ready to look at it all again with fresh eyes. Thank you.)

  5. “favourite month of mine because it holds so few obligations.” What a delicious view point. I love how you describe your life and the wild ride of variance you’re getting tucked in at the seams. I think paper, scissors and photos of my kids is about as good a way to spend a day renewing myself as I can find. I’m glad you’ll get to share that time with friends.

  6. I’ll have to check out that show! I can’t handle not being busy. When I’m not busy, I definitely get a little depressed. And yet I love to do nothing, too. (I think I need to feel like it’s my just reward for busyness.)

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