Pieces of us



He’s so much like me. His personality. Sometimes it takes my breath away. Sometimes it worries me. He’s intense and emotional. He’s a people-pleaser and sometimes anxious. I see it so clearly.

But he’s also so much is father. He’s filled with kindness and love. He likes to build things and take them apart. He has an acuity for how things work.

My hope is that all the parts of him—the hard parts and the soft parts, the parts from me and the parts from Jay—blend together into a mash-up of magic and serve him the contentment he deserves.


11 thoughts on “Pieces of us

  1. Galit Breen says:

    Yes, this. The mash up. I love the mash up.


  2. Isn’t it fun to watch them grow and develop? They’re part us, part strictly themselves. I love the picture!

  3. Christine – did you notice that the pieces of you come off as negative qualities and something to worry about, whereas the pieces of your husband all come off as positive qualities? If your son has pieces of you, I bet he has a ton of your amazing qualities — like the ability to push through and get things done (perseverance), or a generous spirit, or the ability to express emotions rather than bottle them up? You have so much to offer your children in this mash-up too!

    p.s. I do this all the time. That’s why I feel like I’m recognizing it in you. 😉

  4. Stacia says:

    It’s so easy, I think, to see in our children the aspects that worry us in our own personalities. I bet this little guys is also caring, eloquent, and funny, just like his mama. =>

  5. Cathy says:

    Children are our mirrors.

  6. Justine says:

    So many things to love about our kids. Seeing ourselves in them is one reason. But seeing them take that part and make it their own, is even better!

  7. Kameron says:

    I always tell people my son is my mini-me. They inevitably reply that we should be such good friends, when in fact we butt heads the most. It is difficult to have a little replica of me around. I see the things in him that I, myself want to change. I only hope that he gets the good parts too. 🙂

  8. I bet you are giving him some tools to help with the traits that you think could cause him problems. He’s adorable, by the way.

  9. Love that pic. And the mashing up. Yes, completely understand that.

  10. pamela says:

    What a beautiful little boy! What we give our children are our own strange and wonderful gifts. So many lessons! Your little boy is so lucky to have you as a mom. xxoxoo

  11. Christine, I was going to say what Coffee with Julie said. Of course he gets both of you. He gets all the good and beautiful grace you have to offer. Clearly, you are going through more challenges. I was just catching up on your blog so also just read your piece on the one year mark of announcing your depression. It was beautifully written. I wonder if you are being handed another challenge, another lesson to learn. Gather up all you’ve learned in the last year, and hold on to that during your new challenges.

    When I saw you at Kripalu, you were often smiling and sending good energy out. You engaged in thoughtful conversations and were always so kind to people. You may say that was a front or a cover up. But I could tell much of it was real, from the heart. Understand that as your gift also. The stalker that I am, I watched it all weekend before I could even say hello. That little guy is so darn cute, and so blessed to have you for his mother. Take Care of Yourself.

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