What moms should know

One of my closest girlfriends says that she gets a vibe from a book just by caressing the cover. I love this about her, to me it says that life is about diving in and getting a feel for things. I couldn’t agree more. An avid reader myself,  I try not judge a book by it’s cover, but the look and feel certainly help attract my attention.

Meagan Francis’ book The Happiest Mom: 10 secrets to enjoying motherhood had that effect on me. It feels exactly like a journal, and I have a private love affair with journals. It looks like a scrapbook, and I’m an avid paper crafter. So the moment it arrived in my mailbox, I was enchanted. I couldn’t wait to dive in. My enthusiasm was heightened because of my online relationship with the real Meagan Francis. How exciting to read the published words of someone I consider to be a friend, and mentor.

Her words and advice did not disappoint. This book is a beacon to all mothers. Her tone and approach are clear, realistic and helpful, without being overbearing or judgmental as I’ve found many other parenting books (and to be honest, blogs) to be.  What I found most compelling is the idea of tackling the challenges parenthood by focusing on the needs of mothers as caregivers. What  a refreshing and important outlook.

She says, and I heartily concur:

The good news is that taking steps toward being a happier person will make you a better mother. Positive emotions help us become better listeners and more creative problem solvers. In turn, we feel warmer toward our children and are much more responsible to them.

We don’t talk about this enough, that to do well as parents, we need to be well. Real life, motherhood can be hard, and overwhelming. We need help not just to meet the needs of our children, but to meet our own needs as well. Meagan discusses it candidly and honestly. She calls it like it is, and like it should be.

I inhaled Meagan’s book, cover to cover. I felt invigorated by her advice, and take away several good ideas to help manage my life as a mother. It’s a fun read with engaging quizzes that help your reconsider your approach to many different issues. In fact, I think it would make the perfect shower gift for a first time mother, or even a friend who is expecting her second or third child. Meagan’s secrets should be shared with all moms, things like: trust your gut,  and go with the flow and find your tribe. In the words of Meagan:

Aim for good enough, and life will be better than ever.

Well done, Meagan! You should be proud of what you’ve done.

As promised, I’m giving away a copy of Meagan’s book. The winner was randomly selected from the comments on Monday’s post, Interview with A Happy Mom. Congratulations to  Kristin Noelle from Trust Tending!


3 thoughts on “What moms should know

  1. Wow! I’m so happy!!! So looking forward to reading this!!!

  2. I can’t wait to read it! Meagan is such an inspiration.

  3. Cathy says:

    I like Megan’s advice about being well makes you a better mother. The irony I see here is that most mothers are so focused on other people’s well-being that their own is often left last on an already too full plate.

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