Two. Such a little word. Such a young age. And yet, so much change.

You’ve grown in two years from 7 lbs, 10 oz, to 28 lbs. Your head, which was once so tiny and bald, is now full of wispy, blond sweetness that smells of love itself. You’ve kept the most incredible blue eyes; they mirror your father’s.

Already your legs grow long and lean, even though your tummy is full and round like a baby’s. Your skin is still soft and delicate. It ignites my own when you touch me, or caress my cheek. It’s the same with both you and your brother—since birth, your touch has felt like an electric current that connects us in a primal way.

In your first year, you were calm and cool and weren’t one to show a lot of emotion. It was an effort to entice a smile. We worried a bit, and wondered why you were so neutral. This year you put those worries to rest and truly blossomed. You smile freely, and often. When you do, your face brightens and animates in a way that takes my breath away. But it’s more than just a smile; you’ve become so expressive and freely demonstrate so many thoughts and emotions. This is such a dramatic change from when you were just a little baby and the depth of it has caught us by surprise.

You have a fierce temperament, are strong-willed, and very self-aware. You know what you want, and you make sure everyone else knows it too, particularly your older brother. I hope you keep this quality, it will strengthen and propel you throughout your life.

You are ripe with cunning and intelligence. A scary combination, one we expect will challenge us in the years to come. You know what you should and shouldn’t be doing and freely flaunt that you know, but are quite content to ignore us.

And the words! My goodness, your language is exploding. Big words. Intelligent words. It’s a spectacular thing to experience.

You have a passion for all things hockey. This is no exaggeration, and we find it endlessly entertaining. Just this morning, when we were out celebrating at breakfast, you spotted a television from far across the restaurant and hollered out “hockey!” Hockey is your heart, but you are quite drawn to all sport. You are a physical little boy, and there are days when this quality takes my breath away – literally and figuratively.

You are a force in our lives and yet, you are kind, loving and polite. Every day I thank God for you, and count my blessings that are part of our family. You keep us laughing, and loving. We adore you.

Happy 2nd birthday sweet boy.

With love, Mom.


17 thoughts on “Two

  1. Ironic Mom says:

    This is perfect for me to read today: on a day where my 6-year-old twins are driving me crazy. Reminds me I have a lot to be thankful for.

    And happy “birth” day to you!


  2. Corinne says:

    Happy birthday to your two year old!! 🙂

  3. Lindsey says:

    Happy birthday, little man! xox

  4. Kelly says:

    “You are a force in our lives and yet, you are kind, loving and polite.”

    The perfect combination of good and wily, sweet and clever. I hope your little big kid has an amazing 2nd birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday to your little one! What an adorable little guy with a sense of spunk.
    Enjoy your time with him Christine. I can’t believe my own little one turned five just a month ago. It is a cliche, but time really does go by so fast.

  6. Colleen Fleming says:

    First time visiting here, and I love what you have shared. I have one child- a boy, and he is sixteen now. A totally different time. I do not have the connection I once had with him, but I only hope that because we once did we will survive these teen years. Beautiful post.

  7. I too have the sense that when my children touch me, it feels like an electric current. Your description of your strong-willed little guy is wonderful, and it sounds like he will keep you on your toes, indeed! Happy birthday to him. (And congrats to you on being his mother for two years!)

  8. Happy 2nd birthday, wee one! I will come watch hockey with you any day. xo

  9. Allison P. says:

    My goodness, he looks just like you! Happy birthday, little guy!

  10. ShannonL says:

    Aw, that was beautiful and just perfect, Christine! What a sweety he is.

    Happy Birthday, little man! 🙂

  11. What a sweet letter to a sweet boy. Happiest of birthdays to your little guy.

  12. Stacia says:

    Happy, Happy Birthday to your sweet little man! May his smiles and hugs melt your heart today, and always!

  13. ayala says:

    Happy birthday to your sweet boy!

  14. Amber says:

    He sounds like the perfect product of you and your husband: intelligent and adventurous. Happy birthday sweet, little boy.

  15. Amber says:

    I’m super-late, but I had to give my belated birthday wishes to your little one!

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