Faith and intuition

side candles 1A quick post, because I need to write this. To share it, while it feels fresh. I just settled into bed to read about this week in the Mondo Beyondo Dream Lab. It seems we’re cultivating faith, intuition and creativity. We’ve been asked to set our intention for the week; to answer what we want to experience more of, should we decide to give intuition, faith or creativity a chance.

As I read our instructions, and learned that we’ll fully explore the role faith and spirituality can play in helping us let go of our need for certainty my heart literally did back flips, and then plummeted, and now I feel butterflies lodged deep in my stomach. This my friends, this is the place I WANT TO GO but feel so afraid to visit. I’m afraid because I don’t trust it. I don’t trust it because I have some deep-rooted belief that it’s false and self-indulgent. To be completely frank, I don’t actually know what it is. I cannot fully express how empty and lost this leaves me at times.

But I have felt it. A feeling of  utter holiness infused into the depths of my heart and mind that offered a sensation of hope and complete acceptance. A feeling that lit the path to knowing that everything is well, and good and complete. Brief though these moments have been I have had a glimpse, and it was quite brilliant.

What I do know is that there is a war being waged between my heart and my head that I cannot underestimate. My desire to flee is strong. But so is the knowledge that if I continue to provide ammunition to perception and expectation, I will never get where I am supposed to be.

So here is my intention:

I vow to open my heart, to trust the wisdom of my intuition as a path to something better. I will do it freely, without fear of judgment.  I believe there is a self inside of me who is ready to shine. I want to coax her out. I want to experience the brilliance of confidence and faith.

Image: ‘side candles 1‘ via a Creative Commons licence.


13 thoughts on “Faith and intuition

  1. Lindsey says:

    I relate to this so strongly … the intellectual and emotional side of me go to war, and I can come up with a zillion logical and rational reasons why NOT … but there are times when the spiritual, that ineffable, that feeling of holiness that you describe so beautifully simply overwhelms my brain. I want more of those in my life. xox

  2. Kelly says:

    I understand completely. As I’ve aged, I’ve felt more willing to go there, to have faith and belief in that which I cannot prove, to trust in something other than my own will and two hands. I’m still hesitant, but the desire is there.

    You are doing mighty work, woman.

  3. Christa says:

    Really nicely said, Christine…

    This is where I live, more and more, these days. My brain still likes to get in there and complicate things, but it gets easier with time. And it is a constant choice, an ongoing practice for everyone.


  4. Chantal says:

    Wow, so interesting. I am looking forward to hearing how it goes.

  5. ShannonL says:

    Wow, I totally hear what you’re saying, Christine. And I can’t wait to read more and see where this takes you. You are ready to shine… Baby, you’re a firework! 🙂

  6. Christine, what a beautiful intention. I can see your heart opening and your intuition blossoming, just here in this post. Thanks for sharing so much of your process.

  7. Celeste says:

    I love this, Christine. I feel exactly the same about faith and intuition. As someone who relies on solid facts and prides herself as a logical, rational thinker, these things seem to contradict all that I know and am comfortable with. And that is the point, isn’t it? To step away from what is comfortable because that is where true growth happens. Kelly said it best, “You are doing mighty work, woman”.

    I am re-reading your intention and trying to internalize your words.

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