Everyday !!!

I have to admit, there is lots of benefit to actively remembering to capture moments of intentional happiness. When I stop to snap a shot just because it makes me !!!, I actually take the time to reflect on the ordinary in my life. In the process I’m smiling more. How great is that?

Here are this week’s !!!

Two handsome boys hanging out and enjoying some great cartoons.
Like father, like son. It melts me every time.
(Though I could do without that tattoo. Really I still don’t like it.)

This has become my life. What big brother can do, little brother can too.

My husband calls them original and carbon copy.
I’m sure a time will come when it will drive me crazy but for now I just love it. It’s adorable and amazing.
You know, budding buddies and all that!

To little brothers who show up out of the blue with such lovely gifts !!!

 And to parents who live close and have such a great view for relaxing when they cook for you !!!

And to dinners with great friends and “non-bloggers” who really know how to make your day.
Really, what’s better than a cold one on a patio? Well great company of course!
Great company in the form of a friend who is just as chatty as you.

What makes you?
Intentional Happiness

Bad Mommy Moments !!!

Momalom !!!

33 thoughts on “Everyday !!!

  1. becca says:

    Love the climbing tree pictures. They look so determined! I need to link up with this fun…

  2. Sarah says:

    Original and Carbon Copy. That is SO funny. And I think you know I TOTALLY know what you are talking about, mama. By the way, the icons are on their way to you via snail mail. Sorry it's taken me so long, I've been a little hung up over here…as in, just barely managing to find the !!!xo

  3. Nicki says:

    What can I say but !!!

  4. Chantal says:

    Nice! all those are so wonderful. I love the tree climbing photos. So cute. And that tree is HUGE! You will have to continue to take photos of them next to it as they grow :)Hugs! Have a great trip!

  5. Justine says:

    Original and carbon copy – hilarious! And My Guy has a tattoo as well which I keep forgetting he has because it's usually hidden under his shirt and when I do see it, I am a little surprised each time.I really enjoy the !!! series. Need to jump on this bandwagon some time.

  6. ShannonL says:

    LOVE it!!!Those were excellent !!! moments. Hmm, I might just have to join in on this one next week – how fun!And I agree, nothing's better than two chatty friends on a patio enjoying a beer and each other. Let's do it again soon! 😉

  7. TKW says:

    The picture of your little imitator made me smile! I've got one of those, too!How cool is your hubby, watching cartoons with his little guy? My kids' cartoon choices melt my brain.

  8. Corinne says:

    I love your happy 🙂 It's so good!

  9. Rudri says:

    Love the view from your parent's house. I need to really get on the !!! moments. Thanks for sharing Christine.

  10. BigLittleWolf says:

    Great pics! (Your parents COOK for you?!? You lucky thing, you.)My !!! ???Art !!! Even if enjoying it on television. And the creative spirit that drives it.

  11. ck says:

    Oh, to see that view while being cooked for. I can almost feel the breeze and smell the grill from here…So very !!!

  12. Belidna Munoz + The Halfway Point says:

    Love the tree-climbing boys!!! And definitely yes to friends who are non-bloggers!!! It's true. There is so much !!! in ordinary everyday.

  13. Sarah says:

    Oh, I just love that pic of X climbing the tree. A-dorable!!!Oh, and cheers to 'non-bloggers'!!!

  14. Doing the Mom Thing says:

    Love your pics — especially the view. I wish I could just jump into that photo right now. 🙂

  15. Crystal says:

    Yes it is intentional happiness. My husband has been in a funk for a loooong time and i've been telling him 'happiness', while tickly and pretty, is an act. It's not a feeling. Kudos to you for taking charge of your own.

  16. Allison @ Alli 'n Son says:

    Your boys are just so cute. So much to be !!! about.

  17. Allison @ Alli 'n Son says:

    Your boys are just so cute. So much to be !!! about.

  18. Allison @ Alli 'n Son says:

    Your boys are just so cute. So much to be !!! about.

  19. Allison @ Alli 'n Son says:

    Your boys are just so cute. So much to be !!! about.

  20. Aging Mommy says:

    Beautiful pictures Christine – the view from your parents place is just divine, I want to go and soak it all in right now. Love your husband's description for your boys – original and carbon copy.Happy photos and happy times – what could be better than that.

  21. Kristen @ Motherese says:

    Oh, those tree climbing pictures totally got me. So adorable! I literally squealed when I saw them. !!!

  22. Jamie says:

    "Original and Carbon copy"…that is so cute!I love these pictures; they're just beautiful. Photos like these remind you that there really is such happiness in every day life. Even if we don't notice it at the time, you look back on the picture of a moment and realize how much there was to be happy about. Good for you for being aware of that happiness AS the photos were taken!

  23. Hyacynth says:

    So many of the same things that make you !!! are on my !!! list, too. And carbon copy and original is HILarious. And, um, that's like my life, too. lol

  24. Denise says:

    Love, love, love the pics and all of your !!!. Adore "original and carbon"–such a spot on description of siblings. Thanks for making me !!! with your !!!. xo

  25. Blissed-Out Grandma says:

    Original and carbon copy is a great expression. Our kids call the younger of our grandchildren "monkey see monkey do." I love your pictorial evidence of living in the moment!

  26. alita says:

    The cartoon watching is so cute it has to be !!! moment. My hubby has a tattoo that I barely even notice any more. When I first met him though I was so anti-tattoo as a turn on. Just wasn't my thing. It (or he) grew on me though ;)As for the cookout with friends; now that is !!! to me ALL the way. In fact that sounds like a great plan for the weekend.

  27. Jen says:

    Sweet sweet sweet!!!

  28. Allison @ Alli 'n Son says:

    P.S. Thanks for linking up this week. 🙂

  29. Allison @ Alli 'n Son says:

    P.S. Thanks for linking up this week. 🙂

  30. Allison @ Alli 'n Son says:

    P.S. Thanks for linking up this week. 🙂

  31. Allison @ Alli 'n Son says:

    P.S. Thanks for linking up this week. 🙂

  32. Pam says:

    Love that picture of "the original" and "the carbon copy" trying to climb the tree. Adorable and too sweet.

  33. Stacia says:

    That cartoon picture just melts my heart. It's a gooey puddle on the floor. And, wow, those trees! One day your little guys are going to get all the way up there and, whoa, what a view they will have!

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