More than words can say

Sitting on my front porch.
Reading a provocative book,
Eager to turn each page.

There is a strong wind.
It’s swirling my hair,
And yet so deliciously whispering against my skin.

There are sounds of nature.
Loud all around me,
Birds singing a raging chorus of tweets,
Crickets swelling a blazing humm,
Leaves rustling, quietly and then building louder.

I look up.
The green is sharp and rich,
The shadows dance in front of me,
As sun peaks through,
Shy and yet glorious,
All around.

I am envelopped in nature.
Rustic and cultivated,
Swelling inside of me.

I feel a deep sense of peace.
Take a deep, fresh breath.

This moment.
What I feel,
What I hear,
What I see,
More than words can say.


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