Wisdom to hold on to

This is my third of five posts as part of Momalom’s Five for Ten.  The topic today is memory. All participants are writing about the same topics in an honest effort to get to know one another better and make more online connections. If you are already a regular reader of Coffees & Commutes, I hope you enjoy the series and consider visiting other participants. If you are finding your way here for the first time as part of Five for Ten, welcome! I can’t wait to get to know you too. I’m hoping to make it around to everyone as much as I can.

Wisdom to hold on to
There is a wisdom in this place, a knowing that I want to hold on to, that I want to remember. This place I speak of is the blogging world, the community that we engage in every day. I’ve heard it referred to as a blogging tribe. How apt a description. A tribe is as a group of families claiming descent from a common ancestor, sharing a common culture, dialect, kinship if you will. Isn’t that us? Many of come from the tribe of parenthood. But it’s more than that, we are a tribe of people who understand and share the value and power of each other’s perspectives and reflections on life.

I know that the blogging community has faced it’s share of criticism, some would argue that “mommy” bloggers have had more than their share. There are many who just don’t understand. I have friends and family who don’t understand. I’m okay with that. I see no reason to justify why I do this or to engage in the debate. What happens here isn’t for everyone. But it is for us. And to me that’s what matters. We share a common language. A language of words, words that come from the heart and that bind us.

But here’s the thing.

Since I found my love for this place and have reached out and met so many amazing people, those I call friends, even confidants, I’ve discovered a new challenge. Every day I read profound, engaging, intelligent, sometimes humorous but always relevant posts by people I admire. In their words, your words,  I’ve discovered a wisdom that matters and makes a difference in my life.

But I don’t know how to hold on to it. To remember it. There’s too much. (And no I don’t mean just as part of this carnival of blogs, this amazing thing that is Five for Ten, though it does take it to a whole new level doesn’t it?)

It’s not like a good book that you can dog ear and pick up over and over again to revisit the inspiration you found. Yes, of course I can theoretically go the web and click back to find it again. But let’s face it, it isn’t really that easy. My bookmarks would be on overload. It’s just not the same.

So how do I do that? How do I capture what I find here every day and hold on to it? There are days when I read what others have written and I nod, I laugh, I sometimes cry and I find understanding. I want to hold on to that. I want to remember.

Perhaps it’s the spirit that matters. The feeling I get when I nod in acknowledgement, in appreciation. What if that matters, more than the words themselves? Maybe it comes from something as simple as continuing to be here, continuing to reach out, and continuing to read. Perhaps that will fill me and help me to remember and hold on to the beauty I’ve found.

How do you compartmentalize what you read? Why does it matter? What does this blogging world give back to you? How do you remember?

**Apparently Disqus commenting is having system-wide problems with anyone who tries to comment as a guest without a registered Disqus profile in Internet Explorer. My apologies for the inconvenience. I hope it will be fixed soon. If you have trouble feel free to email me at litemochamom @ gmail.com.


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