A warm TMC welcome

It’s the simple things that can make a person’s day isn’t it? Sometimes it’s unexpected flowers from your husband or a happy dinner with the family free of tears and arguments, maybe even just a quiet moment to yourself sitting under a shady tree and listening to the breeze. Or it can just as easily be an e-mail from a lovely lady such as Heather of Theta Mom saying she wants you to be the next Theta Mom Featured Blogger. What a surprise and honour. Such a simple thing that made my day. In fact, it made my week just when I needed it most.
Welcome everyone to Coffees & Commutes. I’m delighted you’ve stopped by and I’m looking forward to getting to know you better.
So who am I, and what is this place all about? I’m Christine. I’m a full-time communications professional and mom to two boys (4 and 14 months) trying to balance career, parenthood, marriage, and a sense of self. This is where I come to write my thoughts and feeling on all parts of my life. It’s my journey in self-discovery and an opportunity to reflect. But it’s more than that, it’s a place where I get to connect with great people who make a difference by reading, sharing and offering support. That has been the most surprising and yet satisfying part of blogging, the connections I’ve made and how important they’ve become in my life. Because let’s be honest, motherhood/parenthood can be a lonely, difficult place. Add to that all the other roles we play and it’s easy to lose our way.
My blog is constantly evolving, changing and growing as I change and grow. There is no specific formula. I write whatever is on my mind. Sometimes it’s about self-discovery and my inspirations and others it’s about being a mother and surviving life with children. It’s where I put words to my thoughts and explore my observations on all parts of my life.
I think the best way to get to know me and to see what Coffees and Commutes is all about is to read a few of my favourite posts. Happy reading, and please feel welcome to offer your own perspectives after you read. I learn from, and am often inspired by, everyone who does.

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