I'm spoiled

I have an iPhone. I LOVE my iPhone. I cannot live without my iPhone. And every time I say that I feel so very spoiled and ostentatious.

But it’s true.

I’ve had it for almost a year, and it has transformed my life. It’s a little portable computer that I rely on to  manage my life. Sometimes I wonder how I ever got by without it. I use it as my calendar, my to do list, my address book, for email, as my GPS, to check the weather, to browse the web, as a calculator and to listen to music. It’s an all in one miracle. But there’s more!

I tweet from it, in fact, Twitter was one of the main reasons I agreed to one in the first place. My husband had been on my case. He’s a cell phone junky. It’s an odd addiction really. He’s not at all into computers or video games or anything remotely electronic…except for cell phones. He’s always itching for the latest and greatest. The thing is, he has a cell phone for work and so for a long time I wouldn’t agree to a second one. I didn’t see the point since he was allowed to use it for personal reasons. Why then, would we pay for him to have a second phone? Well, here’s how it is. My husband is the type of man who works by wearing me down. He won’t let something go until I agree. It’s kind of a game of cat and mouse that he plays. Eventually I just get so tired of discussing, sometimes arguing that I give in. This was the case with the iPhone’s. We both got them. I actually finally capitulated because I had become quite enamoured with Twitter and thought tweeting would be so much easier with my very own smart phone. Sad really. And now ironically, though we both love them, I am much more infatuated with mine.

I engage in all forms of social media from mine: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn. Since I got it, I’m a total text message convert. Why call someone when you can say what you have to say in 140? Much more efficient. And e-mail! Don’t even get me started on how much I love hands-on, around the clock access to e-mail. I think it has something to do with my need for instant gratification. I tell my friends, the best way to get me now is by e-mail. I use it to stay connected to work as well. In my line of work, accessibility is everything. The iPhone is just the device for the job.

And that’s only the beginning of how it has increased my efficiency. I’m serious. It gets better still. I read the papers online, I have applications for the Globe & Mail, the New York Times, CBC radio, breaking news tweets and several others. If I don’t have time to read an article, I save it to the Read It Later app, and then, well, I read it later without having to search for it again. All of my sources of information are found on this one, tiny little life altering device.

I plan our meals on it and have instant access to thousands of recipes via several favourite recipe apps. I can look up movies at the touch of a button, watch the trailer, find the show times and buy the tickets. How convenient is that! I can shake it and get a recommendation for a restaurant nearby or shake it and find thousands of fun and yummy drink recipes. I can tether to it with my Netbook if I don’t have Internet access. I use it hands free via Bluetooth in my car.

So you see, I’m really quite obsessed. It’s probably very unhealthy. In less than 12 months, my life has changed completely because of it. In some ways for the better, and admittedly in others for the worse. I don’t actually think it’s healthy to be so connected, always available. I used to swear I wouldn’t be like that. And here I am, completely reliant on the little sucker. I worry about the message it sends to my children, what they learn by seeing me with it in hand all the time. I’m worried that it affects my marriage. We don’t talk as much anymore, we’re often playing, or reading, or doing all the things that we can do on these smart little devices. But will I give it up? Not likely. I have started to set some boundaries, but I’m not very good at sticking to them. I have to work on it. I’m horrified that I’ve become THAT person.

Do you have an iPhone or other smart phone? Does it rule your life? How has it made things easier for you? What are your favourite apps? Do you set rules around it’s use, limits?


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