Sack of surprises

I’m having a difficult week. My mind is a bit numb and I’m feeling very tired. I don’t have the mental energy to write the kind of posts I would like or to express the ideas and thoughts I have swirling in my mind. So for now they wait, and in their place I’m opting to do fun stuff. I hope you’ll indulge me.

I was delighted to read Kristen at Motherese post today about What’s in her bag. I find these kind of posts so entertaining and oddly satisfying. You can learn so much about a person, and often they help us feel better about ourselves, knowing when others are like us. It’s one of the reasons I’m not opposed to a meme. Sometimes they focus on things I want to know about my favourite bloggers. This one was particularly fun. In it, Kristen joined one of her favourite bloggers Mom of three seeks sanity in a game of “What’s in my bag.” When I commented, she replied that she hoped I would play along. I’m delighted to!

First of all, I should tell you. I usually call my bag a “sack of surprises” because really, one can never be sure what will be found in it’s depths. Mothers can relate to the fact that handbags become a plethora of unruly objects once children are born. However, on my recent vacation to Florida, I treated myself to new handbag. Unfortunately nothing quite so exciting as a Coach bag, but I’m happy with it. It’s red and, I think sassy. Quite unlike me. I’m relatively ho-hum in the style department. Nevertheless, I’m uncomfortable calling this my sack, so I will graduate to calling it my purse.

In it I find, in no particular order: An iPhone in a matching red case, a chequebook (goodness, do people still use those?), two frayed printed tickets to last week’s Bon Jovi concert, a lint roller, an empty ziploc bag, a receipt for my groceries, a torn and crumpled grocery list, a Body Shop raspberry lip balm, peppermint lip gloss, a plastic baby spoon, a pen, midnight pomegranate hand gel (for the record, this is actually unpleasant to use before eating, the scent is too strong), my keys, a Starbucks straw wrapper, a chapstick, and caramella shinylicious lip gloss. From the looks of things, I have issues with my lips.

And last, but not least, this wallet. It was a gift from my brother for Christmas so I feel I must use it. It’s somewhat shocking and certainly clashes with my bag. Perhaps the photo doesn’t do it justice, but I assure you, it is hot pink with a texture that I would imagine is supposed to resemble an alligator skin. Never would have I ever selected something like this on my own. To be honest I’m wondering what it says about my brother’s opinion of me.

What weird and wonderful things do you have in your own sack of surprises?


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