Fingers delight

My thoughts: Joy on so many levels. If you’ve read my post about baby hands, you’ll understand why it delights me so.


8 thoughts on “Fingers delight

  1. Christy says:

    I love baby hands too, I kiss my kids hands all the time.

  2. Charlotte says:

    It is delightful. Thanks for the smile this morning!

  3. Sarah says:

    I love this pic! Dig in!

  4. Maria @BOREDmommy says:

    Love little chubby baby hands

  5. Lisa @ This Mommy Works says:

    I love baby hands & feet!Looks messy & fun 🙂

  6. Allison says:

    Precious. What can be better, baby hands covered in sticky cake and frosting!

  7. Amber says:

    Is it bad that I want to lick off those baby hands? Because I sort of do. Mmm…frosting.

  8. Aidan Donnelley Rowley @ Ivy League Insecurities says:

    I love this. Now must read your post on baby hands to get the full picture. Love this blog! (Pardon my enthusiasm)

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