Revelations for a new decade

To be honest, I haven’t given the fact that it is a new year much thought, much less the fact that it’s a new decade. It’s been a busy holiday season, no more than most others, but nonetheless it feels as though I haven’t had most of my thoughts and energy have been consumed with preparations. I’m starting 2010 tired and spent. However, now that the decorations are finally packed away, I feel ready to start fresh and think about the year to come.

A friend and fellow blogger at Love, Laugh, Shop recently wrote a post about her greatest memories from the last decade. As I begin to consider my hopes and goals for the next year and even the next decade, I have to agree that, like Sarah, it’s fun to take a moment to look back. For me, the last decade started most notably with my marriage to my best friend and high school sweetheart. We were married in September 2000 and have accomplished so much together in 10 years. We’ve built two homes from the ground up, we welcomed two beautiful sons and we built our careers. The decade has been all about our lives together and I’m grateful for every moment. The thing is, as I really give it some thought, I realize how normal and practical it has been.

I’ve never been good at making new year resolutions, in fact I cannot remember one that I actually ever kept. So this year, I won’t resolve to do anything specific. I recently read Marshaeps’ blog where she wrote about why revelations trump resolutions. Her list hit home in many ways, and perhaps will inspire future blog posts. For the moment the one that mattered most to me was: Revelations can be the catalyst for the rewriting of old and tired scripts and roles. My revelation is that the last 10 years have been all about building my life. I’m determined that the next 10 should be all about living my life.

Obviously I will continue to focus on my life as a wife, mother, and friend, but I’m making a commitment spend the decade finding myself. I’m only a couple of years into my 30’s, but I can honestly say I’ve not yet discovered who I really am. I know what I love, I am devoted to my family and friends and relish these relationships, I have a career that inspires and challenges me, but I would not call myself a confident woman who is entirely comfortable in her skin.

With this revelation comes a desire to really consider what this will mean, to examine my life from the inside out and to become the woman I want to be. I’m hoping this blog will help me get there by continuing to provide an outlet to reflect on my various roles but also an opportunity to explore my most central role: project finding me. There is much to discover. I suspect it won’t be easy, but I’m certain it will be a journey from which I can learn to really live my life. Welcome 2010, bring on the next 10 years!


12 thoughts on “Revelations for a new decade

  1. Marsha Halperin Epstein says:

    Christine,Great post and very revealing. What might not be apparent (to you) but is very clear to me is just how much you have accomplished in terms of laying down a solid foundation for your family at such a young age! You perform many roles and have done so superbly. It is exciting that you look at the next decade in terms of personal growth and development. Honestly, I discovered myself in my 50's and finally learned to be comfortable in my skin. If I had begun exploration in my early 30's I might have reached that point by my 40's.Keep at exploration you will be there, soon.

  2. Christy says:

    The very same type of thoughts have been swirling around in my head lately – I do everything for those around me and know what I want/who I am in relation to those I love, but not for myself. I haven't found out who I am (but perhaps, as mothers, that normally comes a little later?) and have been thinking that it may be the time to start getting around to doing it. I like the term ' project finding me' and I can't wait to see how how your journey goes 🙂

  3. Tiffany @ Lattes And Life says:

    I spent the last ten years living my life…to extremes, at times. It was definitely worth it because at 32 I am confident in who I am and where I stand in this life. Self-discovery is invaluable and I wish you much much happiness in the journey!!!!

  4. Loukia says:

    I too wish you the best in this new decade… you can accomplish whatever you put your mind to!!

  5. existere says:

    I'm sure the next ten years will bring a lot of revelations. Enjoy.

  6. @WannabeMomErin says:

    I love reading your blog. I look forward to reading it for the next decade.

  7. Amber says:

    I like the resolutions vs. revelations idea, that makes a lot of sense.I am also hoping that the next decade will be about living. I've built a foundation, and now I'm ready to grow from here. Here's to the next 10 years!

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