When I was a little girl my mom had an annual Christmas tradition. Each year she would tell us when she saw Jingles. We’d be sitting at the dinner table, or reading stories and mom would suddenly say “I just saw Jingles! He was peeking in the window.”
I loved this tradition so much that I’ve started it this year at our house. Just a few nights ago we were reading bedtime stories and suddenly I announced “I see Jingles!” My 3-year-old looked at me like I was a bit crazy and so I explained:

Jingles is one of Santa’s elves. Each year Santa sends out his elves to check on little boys and girls. Their job is to let Santa know if you are being good! Jingles used to check on mommy too when I was a little girl.

He was a bit confused, but delighted since it involved Santa. He had to go and take a look out the window for himself. I told him he’d have to be really fast if he was going to catch Jingles.
You might think this is a bit frightening for a young child, but I assure you I have only fond memories of it. Jingles won’t be appearing a lot over the next few weeks, just a few times here and there to help inspire the magic of Christmas.
I’ve added my own twist to this family tradition. Last night Jingles made a surprise visit while we were sleeping. He left a gift on our front step for our boys with a note that read:

I was so happy to see you being such a helpful boy for your daddy. You worked around the house with him all day and did such a great job of cleaning up that I decided to leave you and your brother an early present. I’ll be sure to let Santa know how good you have been so far!

The gift? Why elf hats of course!


4 thoughts on “Jingles

  1. Amanda says:

    Cute idea! The early presents must have gone over great :)Amanda @caffeinated_mom

  2. existere says:

    I love this idea! You are a fun mom.

  3. Amy Brown says:

    Great idea! I'll have to remember this for next year 🙂

  4. Tiffany @ Lattes And Life says:

    Too cute!!!! My Mom never did that…just always threatened to tell Santa when I was being "bad" 😦

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