New baby – New experience

My second child is so very different from my first and it really amazes me. I actually keep waiting for the shoe to drop and for things to be as stressful as the first time around. My first born wasn’t a great sleeper, it took me weeks to feel really good again after his birth and the adjustment to find my new sense of self was very dramatic. I remember distinctly thinking, “what have I done” after his birth. Of course, as the hormones mellowed and life settled into a routine I really started to enjoy him and have loved to watch him change over the last three years, but the experience with my second son has been a joy in ways that the first wasn’t.

My second born has been a predictable baby right from the get go. Some might say that is just because I have a better idea of what I am doing this time around, and perhaps that is right, but he is just so much easier. I can tell you easily when he’ll nurse (even if it is every hour to hour and a half), I have a pretty good idea of his sleep needs (which thankfully seem to be more than his big brother’s were) and he is just generally pleasant and ready to be on the go with his mommy. This has helped me to feel so much more empowered this time around and just 10 weeks in I feel great on most days! Such a pleasant and welcome surprise that has made managing two kids a little (stress the little) bit easier. That’s not to say we don’t have challenging days when he will not be soothed, we certainly do, they just seem to be fewer and further between.

The other suprise is how easy it has been to understand this baby’s temperament. Frankly I think that’s because he is different from his brother and so I have someone to compare him to. I also think it might be classic second child syndrome, he is just good to go and seems to manage situations better on this own. I’m hopeful and excited that our life as a family of four will just get better and better from here.


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