Controlled chaos

Life is sure in the fast lane these days, and I don’t mean partying it up on the town. I mean the chaos that whips through our house at night trying to feed, entertain, bathe and put a 3-year-old and 2-month-old to bed. I feel I don’t have a moment to breathe on the nights that my son comes home from daycare. He is HIGH energy and demands equal parts play time and meltdown time. No kidding, what happened to the sweet tempered boy we once knew?

We are kind of at a loss. Everyone keeps telling us it is the “terrible two’s” and to brace ourselves it will just get worse before it gets better. I’d like to think we are just going through the new baby adjustment period now and that this too will pass, sooner rather than later. But in the meantime I feel awful for being so frustrated all the time. Some days I feel like all I do is scold, redirect, say no! I can see the frustration he also feels but how do I explain to him that just because he is frustrated for sad that doesn’t mean he can always do what he wants to do?

Time-outs do not work for us. By the time we get him to sit for the 2-3 minutes we’ve struggled so much we’ve lost the point for the time-out in the first place. Redirection would be great if it didn’t mean a melt down every time! Giving warnings before having to come in from the sandbox is a good idea in principle, but it doesn’t work for a little person who has no sense of time. He always says, one more minute!

So for now we’ve resorted to time spent in the bedroom. It gives him and us a chance to cool off and then we have lots of hugs and I love you’s.


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