Impending travels

Only two sleeps and my family will fly far away for a little family vacation. Well sort of! The boys will enjoy a vacation while mommy slogs it at our organization’s annual conference. Either way, I am glad they are coming, more than a week away would be too much for me. I can’t imagine not having the little man chatter away to me every day.

However as we approach our fly date there is much to do to prepare. Packing for 3, planning all our toddler needs for when we are away, i.e. appropriate cutlery, bowels, sippy cups, toys, car seat, play pen, and some method for getting around (do we take a stroller or a back pack). Who knew we would need to rent a U-Haul to travel!

The good news is that the boys are flying on a separate flight. Well good news for me, maybe not so much for Jay who has to entertain a 2-year on a cramped flight for 5 hours! I’ll get to blissfully relax, read, listen to music and just generally take care of myself. I guess that is my payment for working while they get to explore Victoria.


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