Sleepless nights

I did not know when I signed up for the job of motherhood that I would still be having sleepless nights after almost two years. Frankly I had it all planned that my baby would be sleeping through the night after 6 months. That was the way it was SUPPOSED to be. I didn’t think I was being unrealistic, I mean I didn’t expect him to sleep through right away…so maybe, just maybe if I was a bit lenient in my expectations, I thought they might be met. Six, seven, eight months passed and still the little guy was waking in the night for a snack. It was until we reached a year that finally he started to consistently snore for 10 hours or more. Life seemed blissful…enchanting….

Now, as we approach the 2 year marker I suppose I have been spoiled. For the most part he is a good sleeper. We are very fortunate because he goes to bed without problems. In fact, there have been occasions when he has actually ASKED to go to bed. No kidding. And not only does he go to bed without issue, but he is usually in bed by 7:00 p.m. at which I can enjoy some semblance of an adult evening. However, every once in a while, I’d say every couple of weeks, we have a challenging night. He just struggles to stay asleep. Sometimes he wakes up happy, chatting and playing. Sometimes not so happy. Last night was just one of these times. It all started at about 12:30 when I went in to check on him because he was coughing so much. I startled the little guy and though I thought he rolled over the go back to sleep I soon learned that that was NOT the case. Eight visits (yes, count them eight!) later, my husband and I alternating for each one, he FINALLY settled to sleep. This coupled with the fact that I had troubled getting to sleep at all, left me to wake to my alarm this morning having only had about 3 hours. I thought those days were long over. I never expected sleep to be quite so hot a commodity still to this day.


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